Did you know that between the closest two points, Australia and New Zealand are only 1491km apart?
That’s just under a 3 hour plane journey from many of the East Australian cities to New Zealand!

With such a close geographical proximity, it is no surprise that these two island nations share many parallels – from similarities in culture, and a fondness of sport, to the numerous shared experiences they have throughout events in world history.

Interestingly, despite the many similarities these two South Pacific islands share, the two countries also have clear differences, notably there are significant variances in geography, wildlife, and their use of the English language.

Esky or Chillybin

Esky or Chillybin? Your answer depends on whether you’re on the East or West of the Tasman

Haka Educational Tours strongly believe that it is truly an educational rite of passage for Aussie and Kiwi students, alike, to experience the breadth of likeness between the two nations. In our mission to broaden the horizons and minds of students, we are passionate about creating itineraries that help students develop a strong understanding of these dimensions of their island neighbours. It is through these experiences that we hope to equip the youth of the region with an understanding of the importance of the cross-cultural relationship that spans the Tasman.

To facilitate these educational experiences, Haka Educational Tours enjoy working with individual teachers, classes, and schools to create itineraries that target the key outcomes unique to each classroom and their inquiry about their Trans-Tasman friends.

We strongly believe that having a strong understanding of these dimensions of our neighbour, is key to continuing the important cross-cultural relationship we share.

Trans-Tasman relationship

Developing and maintaining the Trans-Tasman relationship is important!

Based on the curriculum and focus areas of Australian and New Zealand schools – we are specialists in creating itineraries based on comparing the following subject areas (amongst many others!):

Tour Focus: Sport

A love of sport runs through the veins of Kiwi’s and Aussies, alike, and nothing can simultaneously stop both nations than a derby between the two countries. From the All-Blacks vs. The Wallabies in Rugby Union, to the Black Caps vs. The Baggy Greens in cricket – and everything in between, the healthy sporting competition battled out over the Tasman is a key part of the Australian/New Zealand relationship.

Haka Educational Tours have enjoyed designing and hosting numerous sporting tours for teams travelling to/from New Zealand for sports including rugby, hockey and netball.

The New Zealand Junior Rugby Tournament (Taupo/Queenstown) 2018 will be a fantastic opportunity for Australian and New Zealand students and athletes to meet and make friends in a positive sporting environment. Haka Educational Tours are honoured to be the official partners of these Global Games events.

Australia New Zealand Rugby

The match that stops both nations!

Tour Focus: History – ANZAC

The depth of the relationship between Australia and New Zealand can be traced back to the First World War, where the stories of the ANZAC emerged. It is important that the youth of today continue to remember and celebrate the shared military history of the two countries. The tales of courage, bravery and friendship that emerged between the soldiers of the two nations are the iconic values and qualities that the Australian/New Zealand partnership are built upon.

Haka Educational Tours are proud to design tours that enable students to further explore these stories through visiting important historical sites across both nations that tell the stories of these important historical events.

We are pleased to include visits to both the Auckland War Museum, and the War Memorial in Canberra, amongst various other iconic and special sites to encourage students to learn about their shared history with their neighbouring nation.

The ANZAC legend

The ANZAC legend is an important part of the Australia-New Zealand relationship.

Tour Focus: Geography

While both countries are islands that lay in the Pacific Ocean, their environments and landscapes can appear worlds apart in some places!

New Zealand is covered in mountains that tower over the famous lush-green, sheep speckled pastures. In many places across the nation, the ground brews and bubbles, as geothermal energy heats the waterways and mud pools.

Even in Auckland, one of the major cities, the landscape is dotted with dormant volcano cones, that once rumbled and heaved out glowing lava from the Earth into the atmosphere. These days, the volcanoes lay sleeping, but the Earth still occasionally trembles along its fault lines – of which New Zealand sits upon.

Quintessentially “New Zealand” – mountains over lush green pastures.

Quintessentially “New Zealand” – mountains over lush green pastures.

These environmental features are very different from the vast dry deserts, tropical rainforests and underwater coral reefs that Australia is famous for.

The educational benefits of tours that expose students and classes studying biology or environmental sciences to these varied landscapes are endless!

Haka Educational Tours have developed strong relationships with key academics and environmental researchers who are able to provide in-depth lectures into the importance of these natural geological and biological similarities and differences.

Conversely, the Australian landscape seems harsh and dry.

Conversely, the Australian landscape seems harsh and dry.

Tour Focus: Language & Culture 

Hey Bro! G’day Mate!
Both Australians and New Zealanders speak English – but there are many differences between the slang used on either side of the Tasman.

Haka Educational Tours are passionate about creating authentic experiences and enjoy exposing students to the true “Kiwi” and true “Aussie” lifestyles through culturally-relevant activities.

From taking students studying courses on culture to real, living thermal Maori villages like Whakarewarewa, to expeditions into the Australian Outback – Haka Educational Tours can be trusted to give you the “true blue” experience.

difference between Australia and New Zealand English!

There is quite a difference between Australia and New Zealand English!

For more information, sample itineraries and an overview of the types of Trans-Tasman tours we run – please click here.

If you would prefer to get in touch with one of our New Zealand or Australian resident experts – give us a call on +64 9 520 5593 (NZ) or 1800 542 662 (Australia) or email [email protected]

We can’t wait to show you the best of our backyards!




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