Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) studies focuses on exploring and explaining how the world around us works. Students with a strong understanding of these theories and mechanisms will thrive as they progress through their education, navigate the world around them and move from school into a globalising employment market.

The STEM employment industry will see the biggest growth over the coming years, according to CareersNZ, and employers will be seeking students who have a good understanding of STEM theories.

Haka Educational Tours are proud to offer customised and subject-specific STEM tours to help students dream, discover and explore the exciting world of STEM and develop their skills, and ambition – allowing them to truly reach for the stars.

The USA tours we create are the perfect solution to introduce and engage students of all capabilities with STEM content, due to the broad range of STEM-focused destinations that each offer unique motivating first-hand educational experiences, to inspire the next generation of graduates.

Students from Darwin High School and Mt Albert Grammar School on tour

Students from Darwin High School and Mt Albert Grammar School on tour

Recently, students from both Darwin High School and Mt Albert Grammar School returned from their USA tours, with life long memories of a trip that exposed them to the very best of the science and technology destinations in Huntsville (AB) and Orlando (FL).

Both tours were of high educational value with customised itineraries that maximised each group’s exposure to space, science and technology, and other STEM concepts.

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recounting their life-changing USA tour.



Space Camp USA

What better what to inspire and engage students, than attending NASA Space Camp USA?
The fully inclusive camps offer a range of programs and experiences allowing students to truly reach for the stars. During camp, students will not only learn the physics, mathematics and other scientific theories required for space missions, but experience them first-hand through a range of activities, including scuba diving and high ropes courses!
Upon completion, the students will return not only as Space Camp graduates, but budding future astronauts!


Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) 

Established by J. F. Kennedy as a centre of space research and excellence, KSC is must-do on every STEM USA itinerary. Programs and experiences are vast and varied, though naturally space-specific – options include Advanced Astronaut Training, Explore Tours and more! Students are sure to leave inspired, and with a dream to reach for the stars!

Space Camp USA, Huntsville, AB and Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando, FL

Space Camp USA, Huntsville, AB and Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando, FL

This month, students from Springfield High School and Yarram High School will both be launching off on STEM tours to the USA!

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and their upcoming USA tour with us!



Disney World Resorts

After Space Camp, every child – both young and old, has dreamt of visiting Disney to experience the wonder of Walt Disney’s creations. However, Disney World is not just about the rides and attractions – they offer a large range of educational programs, covering a variety of different subject areas. Students on our tours will have the opportunity to learn about Energy in Motion and the Evolution of Technology and what better classroom than Disney World!

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

A scenic nature airboat ride at Boggy Creek is a fantastic opportunity to discover the well-known swamp lands of Florida, and to learn about the unique ecosystems of the area. Students and teachers will have a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife including alligators, turtles and exotic birds, and learn all about the wetlands of the Everglades. A truly fascinating environmental education experience!

Disney World Resorts, Orlando, FL and Boggy Airboat Rides, Orlando, FL

Disney World Resorts, Orlando, FL and Boggy Airboat Rides, Orlando, FL

Upcoming 2018 tours to the USA will offer students from Western Springs School and Sydney Tech Boys High School exciting and educational USA STEM experiences!



Universal Studios

Remember watching a movie, and feeling like you were right in the middle of the action? Universal Studios takes this experience to the next level! This theme park is full of thrilling rides and attractions that will entertain students and teachers, alike – from Harry Potter adventures to the land of Minions – there is certainly an experience for everyone. However, Universal Studio’s extends the fun to their Educational Programs, which are run with energy and enthusiasm across a range of STEM subjects! One not to miss!

San Francisco

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is famous as the global hub of emerging technology and innovation, lying in the south of San Francisco, not too far from the impressive Golden Gate Bridge. A tour to the area will expose students to the technological and business landscape, that is home to some of the world’s most impressive companies, including Google, Facebook and Apple! Surrounded by revolutionary ideas, people and companies – students will be immersed in a truly inspiring environment, where anything is possible!

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL and Silicon Valley, CA

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL and Silicon Valley, CA

To find out what other activities the students will get up to tour, you can track all of our upcoming tours and watch the students on their adventures via our Live Tour Updates page, and on Facebook and Instagram.

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