Basketball has long provided the platform for sporting mega stars to transcend that of being just a contributor to the sport. Michael Jordan, LeBron James and even the Harlem Globetrotters have gone on to have huge success even off the court. Organising a school basketball tour can include many components, from stadium tours, game tickets, or even finding similar level opponents and facilities if your team wishes to play, all of which Haka Educational Tours can facilitate.

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Australia provides one of the most unique and diverse destinations to tour for any sport and basketball is no exception. Australia is sport mad, and basketball has one of the highest participation rates of any sport in the country, so you can be sure to find a school or club for your touring team to play at any level. Whether it is visiting the bustling modern cities, taking in the stunning coastlines, experiencing the wonder of Uluru or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, there really is something for everyone.

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Europe is a destination that should never be overlooked for a basketball tour, as it features some of the best facilities in the world, opportunities for professional coaching and a wealth of cultural and sightseeing activities for your touring team. Wherever you decide to travel, from Spain to Sweden, Europe is home to some of the strongest basketball nations in the world and you are bound to run into strong opposition. We can also organise off-court activities ranging from city tours to cathedral visits to create an incredible well rounded tour for your team.

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Throughout South America, a place of wildly diverse climate and geography layouts, the basketball landscape is as varied as the environmental topography. Despite the recent growth in the sport around the world, basketball is not yet a way of life in South America. The sport is always competing for national attention and funding with the continent's number one athletic attraction, football. Despite this, a basketball tour to South America has all that you need whether your heart is set on Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Uruguay. You'll be met with a mix of serious sporting activity and plenty of rich culture, with exciting sightseeing opportunities to explore in your downtime.

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Basketball is one of the USA’s largest sports with it being the home of arguably the world’s best league: the NBA. It is played by boys and girls at all levels in schools, colleges and universities, so sourcing games for your touring side to play is not difficult. Ensure that your team are well drilled before this tour as the level of competition is very high. As well as amazing opportunities on the court, give your team a chance to visit famous clubs, watch top class matches, and experience the cultural uniqueness of the USA.

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