We go the extra mile to look after the health and safety of everyone on our tours, beyond the standards required for our accreditations.

Our quest to provide inspiring educational tours for students is underpinned by a stringent approach to health and safety. We operate to the highest standards of care and responsibility. Our dedicated team regularly exceeds the requirements of these organisations.

Our business rests on our reputation, and we take seriously our legal and moral obligation to look after the health and safety of everyone on our tours, so we take a systematic approach to its management. Our Health & Safety Management System covers policy, organisation, planning and setting standards, monitoring, and audit and review. We undertake regular reviews of our health and safety procedures internally.

Health & Safety Management System

We assess each component of a tour individually, which includes going beyond assessing the adventure factor to ensure risks can be managed effectively. In doing so, we look at how we can enhance the original experience whilst remaining as safe as possible. Covering policy, organisation, planning and setting standards, monitoring, audits, and we also carry out internal regular reviews of our health and safety procedures.

Risk Assessments

Haka Educational Tours is committed to providing you with the help and support required to carry out risk assessments efficiently and successfully. Institutes may have different requirements but we can provide you with information to assist with completing your safety documentation requirements. Safety checklists are completed for all our accommodation, transport and many of our activities, and all suppliers we work with meet or exceed the home country tourism regulation requirements. We encourage a positive attitude to health and safety in all destinations, this displays our commitment to the high standards which we ask of our suppliers. Risk assessments can be a daunting prospect and our goal is to make this process stress-free so you can focus on the actual tour! For more details about how we assess the risks of the components of your tour, please see our Health & Safety Management System.

Tour Support

Prior to departing on tour you will be provided with safety information detailing the practical measures that need to be taken during your tour. For Group Leaders who wish to visit their chosen destination prior to their tour in order to complete risk assessments, we can arrange an Inspection Visit. Please contact your Tour Manager for further information to arrange this IV or ask about open Inspection Visits which we may have on offer.

Emergency Procedure

We have an Incident Management Plan in place to support us in all cases of accidents, incidents and emergency situations. This is maintained and regularly tested to ensure good practice and includes arrangements for responses to an incident 24 hours a day. All accidents and incident reports are kept complete for review of all levels of incidents.


Child Protection

In addition to our Health & Safety Management System, Haka Educational Tours is is committed to protect students on tour in the destinations we operate in. The welfare of every student is of paramount importance to us.

Financial security

To protect both our company and our customers, Haka Educational Tours Limited has combined liability insurance incorporating public and products liability and professional indemnity cover. Our underwriters are QBE Insurance (International) Ltd.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you organise your next tour, please contact the team [email protected] or +64 9 520 5593.