This week marked the first tour of many where we partnered with Love Your Coast. Our aim is to help clean up New Zealand coastlines while educating our touring students on ecology, environmentalism and sustainability. The students have had an incredible experience.

Latin School of Chicago students at The Flagship Education Centre for Sustainable Coastlines

Love your coast

Love Your Coast is an inspiring project set up to help look after the coastlines we love. They provide excellent training and resources to facilitate beach clean-ups in New Zealand via their website and The Flagship Education Centre in Auckland’s trendy Wynyard Quarter. We’re proud to be working with them to offer group training and beach clean-ups for our touring groups. It’s a fantastic opportunity for schools looking for a community service or environmentally sustainable/educational component to their trip.

A fun, sustainable and inspiring tour

Latin School of Chicago made a Love Your Coast experience a key part of their 2019 Project Week tour of the North Island of New Zealand. Within the trip they experienced the beauty of our coastlines from the views of the Waitemata Harbour at the top of Auckland’s Maungawhau (Mt Eden), at the harbour side of Wynyard Quarter, enjoying a classic Kiwi tradition of fish & chips on the beach and kayaking the stunning Coromandel. They learned from experts during a private tour of Auckland Museum, and at The Flagship Education Centre, as well as hearing about the special importance of te moana (the ocean) to the Māori people of New Zealand.

At the core of this fun and educational tour was a beach cleanup in the North Island’s stunning Mount Maunganui. Armed with rubbish bags, gloves and their new found knowledge the students did an outstanding job of cleaning the beach all the way from obvious plastic bottles to tiny micro-plastics brought in on the tide. It was inspiring to see the students show a passion for the job. They worked incredibly hard for the environment in a place far from their own home.

This trip was planned long before the #trashtag challenge started trending and we see this activity as much more than a fad. We’re excited to offer this sustainable and educational tourism opportunity as a core part of our product offering. Get in touch with us if you’d like to see Love Your Coast become a part of your next science, geography, cultural or community service tour.

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