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We know just how vital it is for teachers to understand all aspects of a potential school tour. Not only do tours need to meet your school’s learning outcomes and be informative, they also need to be engaging for your students - transporting them out of their day-to-day learning. It needs to be worth the money spent and make a difference to the education of your students.

Haka Educational Tours are highly experienced at sending school groups to America, with many of these groups traveling for STEAM education, attending Space Camp in Alabama. We’re excited to announce our most exciting inspection tour for teachers yet: USA Space Camp Experience Tour.

Thanks to an exciting new partnership with Space Camp we’re proud to offer this Haka Educational USA Inspection Tour to all schools interested in learning more about what opportunities we can provide for your students in the United States.

As part of our USA Space Camp Experience Inspection Tour, you’ll attend a specialised Space Camp created for educators where you’ll be able to experience the authenticity of simulated space missions so you can teach with authority and inspiration. You’ll attend the Camp with other educators from around the world, giving you fantastic networking opportunities, whilst developing your own classroom practice and leadership. Many of the activities are similar to student Space Camps, so you’ll be able to get an insight into what students will gain from attending Space Camp, whilst being able to use the tour as your own professional development opportunity in the process.

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Tour Itinerary

Let Haka Educational Tours take care of all the planning and you’ll benefit from our great industry rates. Package includes airport transfers, 4 nights of accommodation, and all meals while at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.


  1. Space Camp Check-in to Space Camp for Educators, have an orientation of the facilities and learn what you’ll be doing during the week. Start your Space Camp activities, including some team building activities with others on the Camp and an IMAX viewing about space travel.

  2. Space Camp Learn about the history of space travel and start your astronaut training, including experiencing an astronaut training simulator.

  3. Space Camp Take part in the immersive Space Camp activities and simulators alongside other educators.

  4. Space Camp Take part in the immersive Space Camp activities and simulators alongside other educators.

  5. Space Camp Your final day of Space Camp will include a guest speaker and your group’s Mars 2050 presentations. You will then attend your Space Camp graduation ceremony before you say goodbye to your camp colleagues and start your journey home.

Optional Add-On

A 3-day San Francisco extension can be added to your Space Camp Inspection Tour, giving you the opportunity to experience the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Exploratorium and Pier 39, with a visit to Silicon Valley where you’ll take part in a workshop with one of the world’s leading tech businesses. You’ll also visit the California Academy of Sciences.

Tour Inclusions

  • Have access to your own website with lesson plans, hints and tips to help you adapt many of the workshop activities to your own classroom
  • Train like an astronaut using state-of-the-art equipment only found at Space Camp, such as, Spaceshot, G-Force simulators & the Mars Wall Simulator
  • Once in a lifetime networking opportunities with educators from across the globe, including those who have been awarded as outstanding teachers in their states
  • Take part in team building activities which students also participate in during their Space Camp journey, including Rocket Construction, Thermal Design Challenge and a simulated Space flight mission
  • Use your learning to take part in Mars 2050 presentations at the end of your camp, helping to develop your teaching and presentation skills in the classroom
  • Take part in a completely unique learning experience and be fully immersed in what it’s like to train as an astronaut
  • Get your very own Space Suit to wear during the training and take home with you!


  • Create more authentic lessons plans which will inspire deeper learning for students.
  • Experience making important decisions under pressure whilst working in a space station simulator and during other activities, deepening your self-awareness.
  • Self-development through sharing best practice and ideas with unique networking opportunities.
  • Develop a greater level of self-awareness through different Space Camp activities, deepening your understanding of how you work and how you work with others, helping you to develop your classroom practice and leadership skills.
  • Gain first-hand experience of how a class trip to Space Camp could capture the attention of students and get them fired up about where studying STEM subjects could take them in the future.
  • Enhanced confidence in your presentation skills and techniques, helping you to develop your teaching.

Attending Space Camp will give you new inspiration for teaching curriculum objectives and will revitalise your lesson plans! Here are some of the areas that you’ll be able to apply your learning:

New Zealand Curriculum Alignment

  • Planet Earth and beyond:
    Level 5 – Earth systems
    Level 3–8 – Astronomical systems
  • Technology Progress outcomes 6
  • Maths

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • Years 3, 4, 7 & 10 Curriculums – Earth and Space Sciences
  • Senior Secondary Curriculum: Science

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