It’s now time to make that dream tour a reality!

Students (and teachers) are excited, the dream is firmly in everyone’s minds, so now comes the next important stage of the journey: fundraising.

This page is full of tips, tricks and creative hacks, coupled with more traditional fundraising ideas, to help ensure that this dream trip becomes a reality.

Brainstorm and Discuss Ideas

It may be tempting to just try and jump right in and go for gold, but writing down your ideas and formulating a plan is a sensible place to start. By sitting down together and discussing ideas, you may come up with an overarching plan that wouldn’t come together by simply trying different ideas as they come to mind – which could have a huge financial impact on your end goal.

And at this stage, no idea is too silly or large!

Defining Those Goals & Roles

So you’ve got some novel ideas down on paper, it’s now important to action them. How much is it you’re looking at raising? Who’s the driving force for each income stream? Creating a fundraising committee will allow for roles to be assigned, timelines to be kept to, and more importantly, action to take place!

Fundraising Ideas

The possibilities for this are solely based on the imagination, and therefore almost endless! Below are a few potential ideas to get you going:

Events. Utilise your skills in this department. Is your subject focused on sports? Then maybe a Year versus Year football game. Is your group musically driven? Then how about a fundraising performance? Are you raising money individually? Then how about a community car wash? Whichever you decide on, remember; the committee is there for a reason. You then need to organise these events, make sure people know about them, money needs to be collected etc. Planned well, these events can bring in huge amounts for your trip! For instance, three China-bound hopefuls from a Central Otago school hosted a concert in order to raise funds.

Utilise your Network: Are you a teacher with links to other schools? Invite them along! Are you a parent who’s well connected in the local business community? Reach out and see what they could contribute! Are you a student who’s more well connected on social media than both of the above?! Then get your invites out to your mates! Whatever network you have, little or large, will make a great difference to the overall target. All it takes is one of them to help you reach your final goal.

Sponsorship. Do as local sports teams do and seek sponsorships from local businesses to help generate the required money to run. The brand exposure it provides to businesses is fantastic, as being associated with helping students is a positive reflection of their impact in the community. On top of this, they’ll no doubt feature in the local papers, school newsletters, websites and more for it, of which it then enhances not only reputation, but the potential of new business from elsewhere. Peterhouse Boys school who embarked on a 2016 NZ Rugby Tour created a small magazine dedicated specifically to the trip. They raised funds from businesses who made use of the advertising space, and it was a great success! They had this to say about it: “Tour magazine – brilliant money spinner. The itinerary is put in, plus all the potential players that may or may not be going on tour depending on their enthusiasm and dedication during the term. Then a write up of the country that they are going to. School rugby statistics, etc. The advertisers pay, and then you can charge a dollar or two a magazine as well.”

Creating Things to Sell: For those of you who have an inclination towards creative flair, then why not look at things to sell? This doesn’t have to be your typical lemonade stand sale (although that’s still a fantastic way to earn!), but something that utilises your talents. Are you part of an art class that designs sculptures, or can you make a cool greetings card? Use what you know and enjoy to make the process fun!

Crowdfunding: With the growth of technology today, there’s no shortage of ways of being able to share your fundraising efforts online. Making the most of the idea that if everyone gave a little, you’d have a lot. Use an online platform to try and have the public make a small contribution toward your goal. Some crowdfunding platforms used in NZ include PledgeMe, GoFundMe and Kickstarter, so it’s certainly worth exploring which would benefit what you are trying to do.

Identifying Additional Opportunities

Maybe you’ve decided to host a fundraising rugby game between the years 11 and 12 to raise some extra money, a great idea which loads do. But how else can you extend that opportunity? How about utilise the school’s network for some prizes, and host a raffle, with tickets sold during the game, and prizes drawn after? How about buying snacks in bulk and selling them to the spectators? You’ve come up with some great ideas, now it’s important to utilise its potential.

It’s certainly not easy and it’s not necessarily quick. But it can definitely be fun! Remember why you’re doing and use what you’re good at. This is where the plan from the beginning comes in. Set goals, set roles, set plans, action them and report back to your team regularly to see how it’s all going, and you’ll then be on your trip before you know it.