Haka Educational Tours – Testimonials
Testimonials from students and staff that have traveled with us before.


St Mary’s Catholic College (South Island Snow Tour)

“Very happy with Haka tours in developing the tour and running the tour. I believe the value for money was exceptional. Friendly and very helpful staff. ” – Group Leader

The Gordon Institute of TAFE (South Island Tour)

“Xanthe was fantastic and very helpful she ensured all our tour needs were met.” – Group Leader

“After doing this tour it has made me really think about moving back to New Zealand. I love the country and how helpful all the people I met were.” – Student

“I absolutely loved the tour, the places we visited were incredible. It’s crazy to think they are only a 3 hour flight.” – Student

University of Wisconsin-Stout (Middle Earth Tour)

“Haka made the tour a breeze!” – Group Leader

“… it was an amazing time full of laughs, once in a lifetime experiences and what was probably an unnecessarily excessive amount of good-natured screaming.” – Student

“This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life, and I will never forget it.” – Student

“Annie was great – she made the trip a lot more exciting and enjoyable!” – Student


The Hotchkiss School (Science-Adventure Tour)

“Grant was a terrific guide and I truly appreciated his patience and willingness to do whatever he could to make everything run smoothly. He and Xanthe are both to be commended for all the time and effort put into this tour!” – Group Leader

“The trip went incredibly well.” – Student

Singapore American School (Eco-Adventure Tour)

“On my trip it was the bonding between my group of people and the memories our trip has given us.” – Student

“The experience of something so vast was exciting, somewhere I had never been before and doing things I would never do.” – Student

The British School in Colombo (NZ Geography Tour)

“Our trip has been the best school trip ever conducted. Students have returned with remarkable knowledge, experiences and memories to cherish forever… Thank you so much for creating amazing happy memories in my students’ lives.” – Group Leader

“I honestly loved everything about the tour and will definitely be coming back.” – Student

“All I have to say is that the trip was a really fantastic experience. I LOVED IT.” – Student

Darwin High School (USA Stem Tour)

“… was really impressed by the service provided during the tour. It was well organised and flexible.” – Group Leader

“The services offered by Eleri were excellent and she often helps to eliminate any stresses associated with every aspect of the tour.” – Group Leader

“The trip is the best experience of my life and I’m extremely grateful to my parents and teachers for making it happen and the friends that I made on the trip.” – Student

“The hotels were amazing, the sights were spectacular and the activities that were planned were amazing. I would love to do this trip all over again! :)” – Student

“The trip was really organised and well planned. Overall it was amazing!!!” – Student

Peterhouse Boys High School (NZ Rugby Tour)

“I have yet to deal with a company as professional as yours… [the staff] went beyond the call of duty…” – Group Leader

Read this article for more on the Peterhouse trip. 

Dickson College (NZ Snow & Adventure Tour)

“[the guide] was professional but also offered a great personality and made the experience exceptionally enjoyable. All aspects were excellent and we can’t wait to use Haka Educational Tours again.” – Group Leader

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