Our Partnership with Eat My Lunch

Haka Educational Tours are excited to announce a new Partnership with Eat My Lunch. Eat My Lunch provides lunches to students across New Zealand who usually go without lunch. One in 4 Kiwi children live in poverty and go to school without food every day.  We want to support Eat My Lunch in helping to change this. As part of our partnership,  we’ll be volunteering and donating lunches when we receive post-tour feedback, as well as using them to provide lunches for tours and other events. Lunches donated to schools include three items, usually a wholegrain sandwich with a protein and salad filling, a healthy snack (veggie sticks, yogurt or fruit) and a treat (biscuit, popcorn or pretzel) all inside a brown paper bag. We are really excited to be working with such an important organisation who match our own values and look forward to seeing the impact they have on children around New Zealand! To kick off our partnership, the Haka Educational Tours team volunteered with Eat My Lunch this morning (12 Feb 2019), making 2007 lunches which were then sent out to schools in need. We had a fantastic time catching up with the EML team and knowing we were helping to ensure some Kiwi students had lunch to eat today so they could concentrate and work hard all day! Watch the short video […]

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Visit New Zealand’s Volcanic Landscape on a Geography Field Trip

The varied geography and landscape that sets the scene for Hollywood blockbusters (think the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Piano, Pete’s Dragon, Mission Impossible: Fallout and The Meg) ticks all the boxes for your Geography field trip wish-list. Sitting at the bottom of the South Pacific ocean, around 2000km southeast of mainland Australia*, the two main islands of New Zealand may seem relatively small and insignificant in relation to the rest of the world. Don’t be misled, though, New Zealand is actually a submerged continent (Zealandia) that sank after breaking away from Australia 60–85 million years ago! Due to its position on the boundary of the Australian Plate and Pacific Plates, great forces have been at work to forge the landscape that will bring Geography lessons to life for your students. New Zealand Geology and Geography Field Trip Ideas Explore volcanic plateaus featuring geothermal-fed hot water springs, geysers and boiling mud pools Take your students on a guided ski trip amidst towering mountain ranges fringed by subtropical forests See six volcanoes and never leave the city of Auckland (built on a dormant volcanic field with over 50 volcanoes within an area of 1,000 square kilometres) Marvel […]

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Haka Educational Tours are experts at designing tours that foster learning between Australian and New Zealand schools.

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