At Haka Educational Tours, we know that it’s vital for teachers to understand all aspects of a potential school tour. It needs to be not only fun but engaging, informative, and a bit different. It needs to be worth the money spent, and make a difference in the education of the students. 

This is why we offer a handful of Inspection Tours, so that teachers and professors can experience the itinerary we’ve created first, and gauge whether it’s something the institution could be interested in. We’ve created one for our North Island Tour, one for the South Island Tour, and now in an exciting destination much further away: Hawaii.

Thanks to an exciting new partnership with Hawaiian Airlines and the Hawaiian Tourism board, we’re proud to offer a Haka Educational Hawaiian Inspection Tour. 

Hawaii Tourism Authority

Late last year we headed to Hawaii ourselves, so we could get a taste of the diverse and intriguing island-state first hand. It only fueled our excitement to showcase the educational opportunities of Hawaii to students everywhere.

We’re certain we’ve crafted a tour package that will maximise the engagement and interest of students that travel with us. If you’re a teacher or professor who chooses to take part in our 7 day Inspection Tour (which will take place 30th September – 7th October 2017), you can expect an itinerary well worth the trip.

Haka Educational Tours- Hawaii

This tour covers a whole number of bases, from geography, geology, science and history. There are infinite things in Hawaii that can spark the minds of students visiting – the only thing to do is come over and experience it first!

We try our best to take advantage of industry rates, to make the tour as financially viable for you as possible. As a bonus, if you book a student group on our Hawaiian tour, the cost of your Inspection tour will be refunded! 

There are limited spots on our Hawaii Inspection Tour, so register your interest now!   


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