School Trips to the Caribbean

Made up of 13 states and 17 dependent territories, The Caribbean is a huge archipelago based between North and South America, spanning well over a million square miles.

It has long been a popular destination, with vibrant communities such as Havana, Santa Domingo and Kingston calling the Caribbean home. It provides a wealth of opportunity for student groups to participate in, such as learning to help preserve its incredible biodiversity, being involved in climate change projects or sampling some of the most delicious cuisine the world has to offer.

Sports trips are amongst the most popular tours to visit Caribbean islands, with cricket still internationally prominent in the West Indies. Opportunities are also abundant for other subject areas such as Geography, History, Wildlife Conservation and more - all within an idyllic setting and with a rich, colourful cultural element!

Every group is unique and so is every itinerary. Contact us to discuss options that may suit your needs – we can provide example itineraries or a more in-depth bespoke quote.