Mongolia, a Central Asian country bordered by Russia and China, is home to the world-famous Gobi Desert and some of the most remote and ruggedly beautiful landscapes in the world. Contrastingly, the capital of Ulaanbaatar is a vibrant conjunction of traditional and 21st Century lifestyles - discover the infamous history of Ghengis Khan and visit architecturally significant areas such as Sukhbaatar Square.

Challenge your students and embark on a unique expedition through this region - traveling by horseback and staying with local families in traditional Mongolian ‘Ger’ camps, students will be exposed to a different way of life, and experience natural phenomena such as the ‘Singing Dunes’ and Flaming Cliffs near Bayanzag.

For an alternative experience, jump on board the famous trans-siberian railway as you follow part of the legendary Silk Route journey, which runs between Shanghai and Istanbul.

Any trip to Mongolia will expand cultural understanding and geographical & historical knowledge, whilst providing an unforgettable character building and life-changing experience.

Every group is unique and so is every itinerary. Contact us to discuss options that may suit your needs – we can provide example itineraries or a more in-depth bespoke quote.