School Trips to India

Ranging from Himalayan peaks through to the exotic Indian Ocean coastline, India’s diverse natural beauty is a big draw. Yet, some of the man-made creations are equally impressive, including the UNESCO heritage site of the Taj Mahal, widely considered to be one of the “must-visit” world destinations. India is also the birthplace of 4 major religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddism and Jainism, giving a fascinating insight into religion and spirituality, the centre of study for numerous topics.

Consistently one of the world leaders in international cricket, sports tours are popular to this region, and combined with an unavoidable dose of India’s strong culture, will undoubtedly be a tour to remember for your team! Include visits to the western megacity of Mumbai or Delhi’s Red Fort complex, or explore the extensive influence of Bollywood cinema and theatre, which helps display and portray all of Indian Culture.

Every group is unique and so is every itinerary. Contact us to discuss options that may suit your needs – we can provide example itineraries or a more in-depth bespoke quote.