School Trips to Greece

Europe is the perfect school and university tour destination for your students as they get to explore some of the most cultural and historic places on earth.

You can either focus your educational tour on one specific country or combine several countries to provide your students with the most diverse experience as they take in the art, food, language, natural wonders and fascinating cities on offer. The diversity and close proximity of countries in Europe also make it ideally suited for cross-curricular trips.

Immerse your students in an environment bathed in history. Learn about one of the great world civilisations, through real life explorations of mythical sites such as the Pantheon or the Acropolis of Athens. Greece was a crossroad between civilizations, and the multitude of museums throughout the country bring to life past glories, perfect for a Classics trip. Combined with the picturesque landscapes of islands such as Rhodes, Corfu and Santorini, all famed for their beautiful natural features, Greece is the perfect destination for a school trip.

We can tailor any itinerary to suit specific curriculum areas such as business studies, culture, history, languages, STEM and more. If you have something totally different in mind, please let us know and we can provide you with a bespoke itinerary based on your specific requirements.