Europe is the perfect school and university tour destination for your students as they get to explore some of the most cultural and historic places on earth.

You can either focus your educational tour on one specific country or combine several countries to provide your students with the most diverse experience as they take in the art, food, language, natural wonders and fascinating cities on offer. The diversity and close proximity of countries in Europe also make it ideally suited for cross-curricular trips.

From the City of Lights to the battlefields of Normandy, France is a varied country which can be tailored to a multitude of subject areas - imagine an immersive French language experience in Paris, an in-depth look at Art & Classics in endless museums, or bringing history to life with field trips to the Flanders Fields and Somme battlefields. A year-round destination with skiing in the Alps in winter and the stunning French Riviera beaches in summer, France is the perfect destination for your students to advance their academic studies whilst taking part in fun outdoor activities.

We can tailor any itinerary to suit specific curriculum areas such as business studies, culture, history, languages, STEM and more. If you have something totally different in mind, please let us know and we can provide you with a bespoke itinerary based on your specific requirements.



Paris Highlights

Offer your students a fun and educational 9 Day language, culture and arts tour to the city of love. Students familiarize with the great diversity and cultural sights of the city. We welcome all school, university and college students from all around the world.

Immersive Language

Paris is a vibrant French city with a range of cultural and educational experiences on offer. In this itinerary we've included practical activities like art & cooking classes, as well as language workshops that offer the perfect language learning environment.