School Trips to Australia

Australia, the Great Southern Land, is a nation famous for its sports, performing arts, music, culture, vibrant nature and unique wildlife – not to mention the great weather! A very popular destination, the Land of Oz should be at the top of the list for teachers and students wanting an unforgettable educational experience.

Tours to Australia can be created to focus on a particular region or city, like Sydney or Melbourne, or can be designed to cover a larger part of the vast continent, including trips that traverse one of it’s vast coastlines.

With more than enough to see and do, and endless educational opportunities across all subject areas – contact us to find out more, today!



Chase the Sun - East Coast, Australia

This 9 day Australia experience takes in the absolute best of Queensland. From the world's largest sand island in 4-wheel drives to swimming in the magical underwater of the Great Barrier Reef, this is your ultimate Spring Break Tour!

Performing Arts Tour

This tour includes unique opportunities for students to practise and refine their skills in the performing arts in a world class location!

Australia Rugby Tour

This tour introduces students to a new environment, pushes boundaries with thrilling adventure activities, and will challenge any school rugby team with matches against some of the most prominent schools in Australia