The women of the Haka Educational Tours Team do their balance for better pose for International Women's DayWe’re proud  to be part of a well balanced workplace with our General Manager, Eleri Williams, heading up a high-performing team of women and men. We know this is still not the case in many businesses and industries. That’s why we’re passionate about facilitating experiences that inspire and motivate the next generation of women.

On Eleri’s road to management, she was fortunate to be encouraged from a young age to pursue her passion. It’s a philosophy that she continues to live by. These days she’s passionate about continuous learning and has been working on improving her leadership skills. Her focus is on authentic leadership based on trust, communication and values.

Eleri feels that, while gender stereotyping is still a roadblock to full equality, this isn’t just a female issue. Men need to be involved to redefine the traditional partnership roles for women and men. She sees that one of the greatest challenges faced by women growing up today comes in the form of social media.

In the words of Brene Brown, “Comparison kills creativity and joy”. Young girls are striving for perfection and we need to be challenging this tradition as boys are taught to be brave and bold. We need to be encouraging girls to be courageous, creative and to dream big – to really be challenging what ‘masculinity’ means in today’s society.

Eleri and her team are so proud to see young women crashing through the barriers of gender stereotypes. It’s great to see them going outside their comfort zones to try new things. We’re seeing increasing numbers of girls on our Space Camp USA Tours. We’ve also loved watching the huge improvements achieved by touring girls’ rugby teams in New Zealand.

We see a bright future for the next generation of women in the worlds of STEM, sport and leadership. Let’s keep it up as we continue to strive for a #balanceforbetter

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